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How To Prepare Your Portfolio For The Next War

Investors should buy shares of major defense companies that supply military gear to American military forces and the forces of its allies; and shares of American frackers, which stand to benefit from a spike in oil prices.

Chinese Wireless Carriers Had A Good August, Led By China Unicom

August turned out to be a solid month for Chinese wireless carriers, with the three major players posting a cumulative 8.9 million new subscriber adds and about 23 million 4G additions/migrations.

Are Treasuries About To Sell Off?

Recently we see every spike in duration has been met by quick flattening of the curve. Below we review why this has happened and share that at this point we do not believe that these pressures will persist. Thus, long duration treasuries appear...

What The Market Is Saying About Nvidia

Nvidia’s stock has been steadily climbing, as its market value recently reached a record high. Almost all of this sentiment is hinged on the expectation that Nvidia will become a dominant player in the Artificial Intelligence chip market,...

BNY Mellon Shrinks Real Estate Investment Portfolio With Sale Of CenterSquare

Bank of New York Mellon recently announced its decision to sell its boutique real estate unit CenterSquare Investment Management to the latter’s management team and private equity player Lovell Minnick Partners

Where Is Kimberly-Clark’s Growth Going To Come From?

Kimberly-Clark has struggled to generate meaningful revenue growth of late, with revenue declining in 2016, and the company cutting its guidance for 2017 following mixed fiscal Q2 earnings. However, we forecast the company’s total revenue...

Sorry Theresa May, But Support For Free Trade Has ‘Eroded’

If this week’s comments by U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lightizer are an indicator, Trump really will get tougher on trade. Look out China.

After Falling 33%, Equifax Is Still Overvalued

Equifax is down more than 33% since the news broke on September 7 that it had been hacked. The scale of the data breach is breathtaking. Data on 143 million consumers has been stolen, putting 44% of America’s population at risk. Sometimes...

As The Fourth Reg A+ NASDAQ IPO Begins Trading, We Explore The Arcimoto Success

The Arcimoto Reg A+ IPO to the NASDAQ has now listed and is trading. Arcimoto is the fifth Reg A+ IPO to complete and list on a major exchange in the last four months. Here we explore the unique aspects of the Arcimoto capital raise.

KLA Tencor Is An Industry Leader In A Rapidly Growing Market

We previously highlighted the semiconductor equipment sector as a “pick and shovel” play to benefit from trends such as artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and the Internet of Things. Today we are digging deeper into one of those...