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Modi’s India Is Rising

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is lifting India up, placing it where it belongs.

3 BDC Yields Of Up to 13%: 1 To Buy, 2 To Sell

There’s been a mini-wave of insider buying in the BDC sector. This is worthy of our attention for two reasons…

Apple, Cisco, Google, Microsoft And Oracle Already Have A Tax Rate Below 20%

Apple, Cisco, Google/Alphabet, Microsoft and Oracle already pay less than 20% tax rate

NAFTA Negotiations: What’s In It For The U.S.-Mexico Energy Trade?

U.S. energy exports to Mexico are booming. The termination of NAFTA could put this trend in jeopardy and harm U.S.-based firms. Meanwhile, an updated and expanded NAFTA could make North America more prosperous.

How Texas Instruments Can Expand Its Gross Margins

Over the past few years, Texas Instruments has been focusing on the industrial and automotive markets, which are seeing increasing semiconductor demand.

What To Make Of Capital One’s Decision To Exit Mortgage Origination Business

In what comes as the latest indicator of the secular shift in the country’s mortgage industry over recent years, Capital One recently announced that it is shuttering its mortgage origination unit.

The Retail Apocalypse And Mall Die-Off Goes From ‘Big Short’ To Contrarian Buy

Many took the retail and mall stock slump in a steadily growing economy as a sign of their impeding doom. The smart money is beginning to put billions behind a different trade: It’s early innings in a much needed retail evolution and stock...

Top Buys by Directors: Batchelder’s $617.7K Bet on Occidental Petroleum

So in this series we look at the largest insider buys by company directors over the trailing six month period, one of which was a total of $617.7K by Eugene L. Batchelder, Director at Occidental Petroleum Corp (NYSE: OXY).

Why The Crypto Market Has Appreciated More Than 1,200% This Year

What caused cryptocurrencies to rise more than 1,200% this year?

How Much Could Nvidia Be Impacted By Intel-AMD Partnership?

There is little doubt that the partnership that Intel and AMD announced recently is aimed at combating rival Nvidia , which is becoming increasingly competitive.